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Red Light Therapy FAQ

Initially developed by NASA research to treat astronauts, light therapy quickly evolved to professionally administered treatments, and now “over the counter” FDA-cleared devices. reVive Light Therapy® / dpl® has refined the technology behind our FDA cleared Class II medical devices over the last 13 years. We’ve identified the specific spectrums of light that generate the desired effects naturally within our body’s cellular structure and replicated these spectrums with high power LED light micro-chips. We’re now able to remove all harmful and non-productive light spectrums and deliver concentrated doses of the effective spectrum of light to the body.


"I have four LED Revive Light Therapy products..."

"I have four LED Revive Light Therapy products. I bought the first five years ago. My facial skin looks much younger than my age. I also have acne, acne scars, and rosacea. All are benefited by the LED light. I especially like the newer, smaller handheld devices that I can hold as I do other things. Good products, good company, and affordable." — Vicki R., Nebraska

"I’ve seen such great results..."

"I bought the system specifically for adult acne and aging. I’ve seen such great results that I bought a 2nd system for my daughter. It’s a phenomenal machine." — CL, Florida

"Within days we saw significant results..."

"I have two teenage sons that have been struggling with acne and we did not want to go down the Accutane path with all the potential side effects. We decided to try the blue light therapy first and within days we saw significant results. Today they both have clear skin and at the first sign of pimple they use the lights to stop it. We have referred this system to many of their friends with similar results." — Donna N, Colorado

"My daughter has seen great results in her acne..."

"My daughter has seen great results in her acne. She uses [the Acne Essentials system] regularly and can feel it working. Her skin has improved a lot. I had to use customer service earlier for a warranty and they were extremely helpful and the service was fast". — JZ, California

"My pores have reduced in size..."

"I am very excited to see that my pores have reduced in size." — LM, Texas

"Helping with my acne, wrinkles, and rosacea..."

"The system is working really well and is definitely helping with my acne, wrinkles, and rosacea." — MD, Texas