Bright Eyes Kids Blanket - Duck Deluxe - Glow in the Dark Eyes

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An excellent choice for boys and girls of all ages from the makers of Snuggie®. The Bright Eyes™ Blanket is a product that children will absolutely adore. This extra comfortable sleeved and hooded blanket features soft, high-quality fleece fabric, fun animal faces, eyes that glow in the dark, and sleeves with paws. Children will love snuggling with their Bright Eyes™ Blanket. The blanket is designed with a cute little face that also functions as a hood. Furthermore, it has the ability to fold up as a pillow which means it is a great bedtime companion. Bright Eyes™ Blanket makes a great gift.

  • Bright Eyes™ Blanket from the makers of Snuggie® is a super fun hooded fleece blanket for kids.
  • The eyes glow in the dark making these blankets perfect for bedtime and great after baths.
  • When you fold the blanket into the hood it transforms into a pillow for easy storage and even more fun!
  • Great for girls and boys of all ages.
  • Made from soft, high-quality fleece fabric and heavy-duty stitching. Bright Eyes Blanket is machine washable making care a snap.
  • Children have so much fun with the animal faces, sleeves, and paws.
  • Dimensions: 49 inches (W) x 44 inches (H) x 0.75 inches (L)

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